Every restaurant has signature meals people love to order again and again, and we are no exception! From our one-of-a-kind griddle cakes to our savory skillets, you’ll find something that will hit the spot for your first meal of the day. We have a huge selection of dishes you’ll want to try, but here are 6 of the most popular dishes at our breakfast restaurant in Gatlinburg:

1. Griddle Cakes

griddle cakesOne of the most popular dishes people love to order at our restaurant are the griddle cakes. You can get a stack of just the cakes, try one of our signature griddle cakes, or get it with a skillet. Make it your own by adding chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, blueberry or blackberry compote or pecans. If you want a twist on our griddle cakes, you can get the cinnamon roll cakes or hogs in a blanket. You can’t go wrong getting our griddle cakes!

2. Fried Cinnamon Roll

A signature item on the menu at our breakfast restaurant in Gatlinburg is the fried cinnamon roll. We make these pastries large enough to share, though you may not want to because they’re so delicious! Our cinnamon rolls are battered in an egg wash and then pan fried until they are golden brown. They are topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream, and you won’t want to miss out on trying one when you eat with us!

3. Pot Roast Benedict

pot roast benedictIf you’re more of a savory breakfast person, then you’ll want to try something like our pot roast benedict. Our tender pot roast is served on top of a cat head biscuit and covered in sausage gravy, easy over eggs, and hollandaise sauce. You will be able to choose from candied apples, grits, fresh fruit, or hunt camp potatoes as your side to go with the entree.

4. Black Bear Camp Skillet

Anyone who comes to our breakfast restaurant in Gatlinburg hungry will be satisfied with one of our skillets. The most popular skillet is the Black Bear Camp Skillet. Choose between country style or sugar cured ham, and you’ll also get pecan smoked bacon, sausage, and eggs cooked to your preference. On the side, you’ll get our Cherokee sweet corn pone, grits, hunt camp potatoes, a biscuit, sausage gravy, and a griddle cake. You definitely won’t leave hungry after this dish!

5. Biscuits and Gravy

buttermilk biscuitsA southern staple you can’t go wrong having at our restaurant is biscuits and gravy. You’ll love to indulge your craving with our fluffy, freshly made biscuits and signature sausage gravy poured on top. Don’t miss out on adding eggs, bacon, sausage, or another item to your meal if you want biscuits and gravy!

6. Crockett’s Thick French Toast

Another sweet dish that’s popular is Crockett’s thick french toast. We use freshly baked English toasting bread and dip it in egg custard with cinnamon and vanilla before being cooked. Our original recipe is served with warm syrup, whipped butter, and powdered sugar. If you want more of a twist, you can choose between stuffed french toast or french toast topped with fruit or compote.

No matter what you decide to try when you eat at our restaurant in Gatlinburg, you’ll leave satisfied and wanting to come back again and again! Do you have questions about us or our menu? Reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!