Here at Crockett’s, we pride ourselves on serving the best breakfast in Gatlinburg TN. every day until 1 PM. We want to shine a spotlight on Aretha Frankenstein’s pancakes, a secret recipe that you’ll fall in love with from the first bite! Are you curious to know why we have the best pancakes in Gatlinburg? Keep reading to find out what’s so special about our griddle cakes:

How We Have the Best Pancakes in Gatlinburg 

Aretha’s pancakes are a special kind of griddle cake, much thicker and perfectly golden for a little crispiness on the outside and buttery, cakey deliciousness on the inside! This secret recipe is served with whipped butter and warm maple syrup, an instant breakfast classic. Once you try these for yourself, you’ll instantly understand why we have the best pancakes in Gatlinburg! If you want to add something a little extra to your griddle cakes, you can add delicious toppings such as chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, warm blueberry or blackberry compote, homemade whipped cream, or southern pecans.

How to Make Aretha’s Pancakes at Home

Aretha's pancakes, the best pancakes in GatlinburgIn between Crockett’s visits, you can eat these mouthwatering griddle cakes in the comfort of your own home with these simple tips. Use a hot griddle, butter, and a pancake ring to transform your limp and thin pancakes into thick and golden griddle cakes, just like Aretha’s. Make sure to be patient, waiting about 10 minutes when using the pancake ring, and you’ll get perfect Aretha Frankenstein’s pancakes every time!

More Crockett’s Breakfast Camp Pancake Options

There is more than one way to enjoy the best pancakes in Gatlinburg! We can make a variety of pancake breakfast dishes using our signature Aretha pancake mix. Take a look at some of the options:

Buckwheat Fruit and Nut Pancakes: We make a delicious buckwheat granola batter and top the finished pancakes with fresh berries and pecans.

Cinnamon Roll Swirl Pancakes: Aretha’s pancakes are served with our cinnamon roll glaze– there’s no better way to enjoy both a pancake and a cinnamon roll! 

Hogs in a Blanket: We take fresh country sausage links and wrap them into Aretha’s pancakes. They are served with your choice of farm-fresh eggs, any style. 

Other Ways Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is Unique

breakfast table at crockett's breakfast camp in gatlinburg tnNot a fan of pancakes? Good thing we have plenty of other delicious menu items, from hearty omelets and giant scrambles to breakfast burritos and eggs benedict. We truly have something on our menu for everyone, and we make everything fresh, from our biscuits and sausage gravy to our giant cinnamon rolls and corn pone. Our Cherokee Sweet Corn Pone is another thing that makes Crockett’s Breakfast Camp special! It’s a traditional spoon bread with dried cranberries, something those in the pioneer days would have served only on special occasions. Crockett’s menu and unique story ensure we stand out, in addition to our mouthwatering pancake breakfasts! 

Now you know all about our thick Aretha Frankestein’s griddle cakes, the best pancakes in Gatlinburg! Want to learn more about our food? Read about unique items on our menu you should try. We look forward to serving you and your family during your next trip to the Smokies.