If you’ve heard of our Gatlinburg restaurant, you’re probably wondering if we truly live up to the hype. Do we have the most delicious breakfast in town? Do we actually get you in for breakfast quickly? While you’ll have to come down and eat with us for yourself to make that judgment, we do want to share some of the things that make Crockett’s Breakfast Camp special!

Our Namesake

crockett maples wooden statueWhen you see or hear our name, you probably think of Davy Crockett. While his story is of legend, we’re actually named after David C. “Crockett” Maples, a completely different man of legend! We wanted to uphold the legacy of this frontiersman, soldier, and family man. After serving in the Tennessee cavalry, Maples returned home to his wife, Mary R. Ogle to work at a small supply store at the base of Mount LeConte. The couple was well known in the area for welcoming weary travelers and feeding them some of the best home cooked meals. We wanted to emulate that type of hospitality and pay homage to the Smoky Mountain area, so that’s why we named our restaurant after this Crockett!

Unique Food Offerings

Something else that makes Crockett’s Breakfast Camp special is our unique food offerings. Yes, we have classic American and southern staples like scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits and gravy. However, we do a few staples our own way. You won’t be able to find griddle cakes like ours anywhere else. We have a special recipe, and they are so unique that they have their own name: Aretha Frankenstein pancakes. We’re also known for our deep fried cinnamon roll, sweet corn pone, and pot roast eggs benedict.

True Southern Hospitality

crockett's dining roomWhen you’re visiting the south, there’s a certain expectation of being met by southern hospitality. People are supposed to go above and beyond your expectations and care for you even though they don’t know you. At our Gatlinburg restaurant, we pride ourselves in providing true southern hospitality. We want your breakfast experience with us to be the best you’ll ever have because you’re our guest, and that’s exactly how Crockett and his wife would have treated you!

Quick Service

Another thing people have probably heard about us that makes us special is our quick service. Don’t be intimidated by long lines or people waiting outside of Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. Although we may have a wait, it won’t take you long to get inside and chow down on delicious food! We know how important breakfast is, so we get you in, give you service with a smile, and get you on the way to your next adventure! Many restaurants around town could have over an hour wait during peak seasons, but we work hard to get our customers full and happy. The good news is, if you’re still concerned about waiting for a long time, we do have a waitlist where you can put your name to get in quickly!

Now you know about some of the things that make Crockett’s Breakfast Camp special. You’ll have a great time getting to experience breakfast with us, so be sure to stop by on your next trip! Have questions about our Gatlinburg restaurant? Reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!