Although there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, ours is the best in Gatlinburg! You won’t find a better place to get breakfast or lunch, so what makes us different than everyone else? Here are 6 things that make our breakfast in Gatlinburg unique:

1. The Story

Crockett's statueYou won’t find another story like ours at any of the other places to eat breakfast in Gatlinburg. Our legacy is based on David C. “Crockett” Maples, a frontiersman who was dedicated to his family and his country as a soldier. Maples served in the Ninth Tennessee Calvary for two years until he was honorably discharged when the company was put out of service.

To support his family, Maples opened a supply store at the base of Mt. LeConte. He and his wife, Mary, were known for their hospitality and giving nature, which we still emulate today!

2. The Frankenstein Pancake

Another unique aspect about us is our giant griddle cakes! You won’t find a larger pancake for breakfast in Gatlinburg, and the most famous is Aretha Frankenstein’s Pancakes. They are made with our secret recipe, and then served with whipped butter and warm maple syrup. Choose from 2 or 3 stacked together. You also can’t go wrong getting them topped with chocolate chips, fresh fruit, whipped cream, or pecans.

3. The Cherokee Sweet Corn Pone

omelet, orange wedge, biscuit, sweet corn pone, and strawberries served at crockett's breakfast camp in gatlinburgAlmost all of our meals are served with one of our little secrets: the Cherokee sweet corn pone. This southern treat is made with cornmeal and fried, which is probably what makes it so delicious! You won’t find corn pone quite like ours anywhere else!

4. The Cinnamon Rolls

Your breakfast in Gatlinburg wouldn’t be complete without trying one of our famous cinnamon rolls! They’re almost as big as your head, so you may have to recruit your whole family to help you finish it! There’s nothing quite as good as tasting the gooey, warm pastry covered in slightly sweet icing. If you really want to go crazy, you should get the fried cinnamon roll! It’s out of this world!

5. The Homey Feel

dining room filled with people at crockett's breakfast camp in gatlinburgAs soon as you walk in our doors, you’ll be able to tell we are different from other restaurants in Gatlinburg. Just like “Crockett” Maples, we want to serve people and make sure everyone who comes in feels taken care of. That means our friendly staff goes above and beyond to make your experience the best you’ve ever had, and our decor makes you feel like you’re in a cozy cabin, ensuring you feel comfortable the entire time you’re dining with us.

6. The Waitlist

One thing that really makes us unique is our waitlist. We know lines can get crazy, especially when it’s meal time. Save yourself some time by putting your party on our waitlist. This isn’t a reservation service, but a way to get your name on our list and get you to eat faster!

Our breakfast in Gatlinburg is different than anyone else’s. We know we offer the best food and service, and you’ll want to eat with us again and again. If we haven’t made your mouth water by describing the dishes that make us unique, look through our menu to see what catches your eye!